FC America

FC America Goalie Club

Our FC America Goalie Club will be held twice a week in the fall & spring seasons (We are working on trying to get gym space for the winter months).

The Goalie Club was created for the purpose of helping goaltenders of all ages learn the latest goaltending theories and then implement it into their game. The Goalie Club is built on the principle that to be a successful goalie one must understand the game and have an understanding of the basic concepts of the position. By teaching goalies the WHY as well as the how of each technique, goaltenders become more confident in their technical game as they progress in their strategic game.

The FC America Goalie Club Program is designed to give players a foundation to succeed in goal from our younger ages, to advanced techniques and management of games as they get older. The objective is to teach goal keepers not only to play their position well, but also in a way that minimizes injury. The players are also given exercises to do at home to help them continue to develop their skills throughout the week. All FC America members can take advantage of these sessions as part of their membership. All full-time goalkeepers are required to attend at least one session per week.

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