FC America

What to Expect


Winter & Spring
During the fall and spring seasons, players will train in a clinic format. All sessions will be in a pool format and directed by our professional coaching staff. Training sessions will last approximately 60 minutes twice a week.

Our games will be similiar to the Open Play format for the Youth Academy. All games will be in a 4v4 or 5v5 format. All players will play different positions and playing time (active time with the ball) should be significant.

Participants will be required to focus on individual development, rather than results. The concept is to develope soccer skills and most importantly instill a love of the game by having FUN!

There is no tournament play at these ages.

Coaching Staff
The training sessions for our Youth Academy will be conducted by our Coaching Staff and sometimes assisted by our more senior players, as part of the mentoring program.
Team Formation - Teams will be formed by the club.

For more information please contact our Club Director - Franco - premiersoccer@mchsi.com