FC America


FC America supports players and teams at multiple levels of competition. We believe that for all these levels, positive results at games and in personal development flow from first focusing on individual skills, and second from thoughtful team strategy. While we look to teach technically sound play, our players are encouraged to experiment and make mistakes in order to find their own best style. More importantly, our young athletes develop a resilient character and strong values that prepare them for success in all facets of their lives. Since it's founding, the FC America Soccer organization provides a centralized organization for teams and coaches, which are overseen by the Directors of Coaching and staff. This results in consistency with respect to quality of coaching and team management and enables cooperation and movement of players between teams in the appropriate age group.

FC America is fortunate to have a coaching roster that includes players previously competing in the college ranks and former or current high and college coaches. The Club places a significant emphasis on continuing education of our coaching staff to properly develop our soccer players into well-balanced soccer athletes. We are also proud of the many soccer athletes developed within the Club that return to FC America as coaches. If you would like to join our coaching staff, or become a player please contact the Directors of Coaching or write to premiersoccer@mchsi.com.

Thank you,

Franco Muñoz
FC America Director